Who is Mariana?

Mariana Siebold is a Guatemalan artist. She has lived immersed in the art world since she was very young. Her great talent led her to obtain better opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

She earned a B.A. at Manhattanville College in New York. She has successfully exhibited in more than a dozen prestigious venues in Guatemala, the United States, Dubai (the first Guatemalan visual artist to hold a solo exhibition in Dubai), Barcelona, Italy, Paris, Lisbon, London (selected for the London Art Biennale ) June 30, 2021. Buenos Aires, Argentina (selected for the 5th. International Biennale of Argentina), April 2022. Selected for the Chianciano Biennale, in Italy, in August 2022. Nigde, Turkey, selected as the first Guatemalan artist at the Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh, in December 2022. Additionally selected to participate in the exhibition: “HOPE”-Human Rights, by the Caduti Bell Foundation in Rovereto, Italy, in alliance with aiapi_unesco, June 2023.

Mariana is the creator of an intuitive language of Connection, Introspection, and Conversion which has as its objective to create awareness for international peace.

  • June  2023,  “HOPE”- Human Rights Exhibition (aiapi-UNESCO), Campana de Caduti, Rovereto, Italy (selected artist)
  • December 2022, 19 Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh, National Art Gallery
  • September 2022, Nigde, Turkey. Nigde Art Gallery
  • August 2022, Chianciano Biennale, Italy. Chianciano Art Museum.
  • April 2022,  5th. Art Biennale, Buenos Aires Argentina. Borges Cultural Center.
  • February 2022, “The Butterfly Effect”, The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine”
  • December 2021, Selected to make a mural in Ciudad Cayalá by the Rozas Botrán Foundation in Guatemala.
  • July 2021, Selected to participate in the 25th Anniversary of Junkabal, in Guatemala.
  • May 2021, Selected for “Art in May”of the Rozas Botrán Foundation, Guatemala.
  • March 2021, Selected by the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce to be a panelist at the XVI Congress of Guatemalan Women Leaders
  • January 2021, Selected in the first curatorship of Juannio, Guatemala
  • November 2020, Invited by Prince Damien Dematra (Indonesia) to be the Peace Ambassador for “International Culture Day” in Guatemala.
  • March 2020, Invited to represent Guatemala among the 100 international artists (100 artists, 100 countries) in Dubai at the “Art Connects Women” event in La Palma, Dubai.
  • January 2020, Classified among the 10 finalists to exhibit at the “Downtown Chiado International Exhibition” (Lisbon, Portugal) which was presented from February 1 to 7.
  • November 2019, Exhibited at the “Meeting Art Gallery” in Lisbon.
  • October 2019. Exhibited at Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris
  • June 2019, Mariana was in Los Angeles, California visiting the NBC studios for an interview to which she was invited.
  • June 8, 2019 Selected to participate in the “Mantua Art Expo” of the “International Mantua Biennale” in Italy.
  • June 9, 2019 Awarded the “International Prize Artist of the Year 2019” in Mantua, Italy
  • April, 2019 Received the Velázquez Art Prize in Barcelona, Spain at the European Museum of Modern Art during the Barcelona Art Biennale
  • March, 2019 Named the only Guatemalan representative in the “International Women’s Exhibition” in Dubai. An exhibition that brought together more than 80 female artists from different parts of the world and in which Sheikh Butti Suhail Al Maktoum was present, since it was under his patronage.
  • In January 2019, Solo exhibition (the first Guatemalan in history) in La Palma, Dubai at the “Arabian Court Gallery” in the prestigious hotel: “The One and Only Royal Mirage”.

Mariana Siebold

Her work appears in catalogues, books and magazines such as “Art International Contemporary Magazine”, “The Women Artists Around the World Book”, “The International Prize Velazquez Catalogue”, the “Mantua Art-Expo- International Biennial of Mantova” book , the “International Prize Artist of the Year 2019” magazine; “Segnalati Magazine”, the “Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition Catalogue“, “Inspiring People Magazine” and others.

Mariana has an impressive number of solo and group exhibitions.


2018 The Pergola. Ceramic, Resin, metal. Guatemala
2017 Cinceles. Sculpture in stone. Guatemala
1991-1994 Study of the teacher Manolo Gallardo, Guatemala
1988-1991. Manhattanville College, New York, United States. Bachelor of Arts
1987-1988 Armand Hammer United World College, New Mexico, United States.- 2 years of art “High level”


2020 Virtual Exhibition “From my window” (inspired during Covid-19 lockdown)
2019 “Quantum Portals” The Arabian Court Gallery at the One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai, UAE
2018 Aruma Gallery, Antigua Guatemala
2015 “Osmosis” Alejandro Von Humboldt, Guatemala
2014 “Musas” Cerro Santo Domingo, Guatemala
2012 “Baktún” Ixchel Museum, Guatemala
2006 “Species in Extinction” Gallery El Túnel Guatemala
2005 “Metamorphosis” Bancafé Guatemala
2004 “Women” Villa Los Añejos, Guatemala

Collective Exhibits

2023 June, “HOPE”- Human Rights, aiapi-unesco, Campana de Caduti, Rovereto, Italy (selected artist)
2022 December, 19th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (selected artist)
2022 July, Chianciano Art Biennale, Chianciano Terme Museum, (selected artist, now part of the permanent exhibition in the  museum)

2021 “London Art Biennale”, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Junio 30-Julio 4, (selected artist)
2021 March 3-7. Bienal Internacional Buenos Aires, Argentina 
2020 October. “Momentos” – Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. 
May.  Fundación Rozas Botrán, “Arte en Mayo”
Moscow, Russian Parliament, State Duma (new date pending due to Covid-19)
2020 March. “Women International Exhibition #EachForEqual, Dubai (UAE)
2020 Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon, Portugal
2019 November. Lisbon, Portugal. Exhibition at the Meeting Art Gallery. Selected for the Segnalati magazine.
2019 Octuber. Paris, France. Exhibition at the Carrousel Du Louvre.
2019 June 8, Mantua, Italy. Selected for the International Biennial of Mantua.
2019 April. Barcelona, Spain Selected for the “International Prize Diego Velazquez”. Presentation: April 6, 2019. MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art).
2019 March. “Art for the Wins”. GyT Foundation and Rotarians. Museum of Santo Domingo. Antigua Guatemala .       
2019 March. Selected as the only Guatemalan artist to participate in the “International Women’s Exhibition-Balance for Better, in Dubai UAE.
2018 -EROS. Museo Ixchel, Guatemala -Bonito mi Barrio, murals, government of Guatemala (selected)- “Barriletes” Margarita Tejada
2017 –Portales, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala-Funsilec, Zona Pradera, Guatemala-Exhibition Margarita Tejada, Guatemala-Exhibition Rotarians, Hotel Intercontinental, Guatemala
2016 Margarita Tejada Foundation, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala
2014 -Poderosas, Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala
2013– Embassy of Colombia (selected work) Fundación Margarita Tejada, Guatemala. Art in May, Rozas Botrán, Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala
2008 Marta and María, Europlaza, Guatemala
2007 Marta and María, Europlaza, Guatemala Junkabal, Anacafé, Guatemala
Communicate, El Correo, Guatemala
Sterlings, Comunicarte, Antigua Guatemala
Comunicarte, Casa Mima, Guatemala
Botrán Foundation, Camino Real, Guatemala
Embassy of France and Museum of Modern Art


2023 Catálogo de la exhibición Internacional de “HOPE”- HUMAN RIGHTS en la Campana de Caduti, Rovereto, Italia
2022 Catálogo de la Bienal de Asia en Bangladesh
2022 Catálogo de la Bienal Internacional de Chianciano
2021 Catálogo de la Bienal de Londres
2021  Catálogo de la V Bienal Internacional de Arte en Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
2020 “Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas Botrán, 2020”
2020 “Women Artists of the World” Book, Dubai, (UAE)
2020 “Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition” Catalogue 
2019 “Segnalati Lisbon Magazine”, Lisbon Portugal
2019 Art Shopping Catalogue, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris
2019 June Catalogue “Mantova Artexpo- International Biennial of Mantova”
2019 June Magazine “Art International Contemporary Magazine”. Italy. Number May-June
2019 Book “International Prize Artist of the Year 2019” Mantova Italy
2019 Magazine “Art International Contemporary Magazine”. Barcelona. March-April number.
2019 Women Artist Around the World, Dubai, UEA.
2019 Catalogue of “International Prize Diego Velázquez”
2019 Catalogue of “Art for the Wins-Rotary”
2016 Margarita Tejada Catalogue
2014 Art in May, Rozas Botrán, Guatemala
2013 Poderosas, Guatemala
2012 Rozas Botrán, Guatemala
2009 Rotary, collective, Ixchel Museum, Guatemala
2004 Rozas Botrán Catalogue, collective, Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala

Mariana Siebold

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